We began working among the Roma/Gypsies in the “Pata Rât”community in 1996, when 170 people were living there. Now the community has 180 families & about 620 people. We share the love,light, life, and provision of God with all who will listen. In 2000 we built a church and have services and prayer meetings for adults and children on Thursdays and Sundays .


Every Thursday we provide a meal for the children.

Most of the houses at Pata Rât were built from refuge found on the garbage dump qnd elswhere. We have helped improve many houses and built twenty-two for singles and families in the comunity.


In our “New Life Education Center” we have church/family meetings, educational programs, a kitchen, and also distribution of chlothes and food.

Two times a week we go to the camp and gather the children for children program . On thursday the program starts with cleaning the children and feding them . Later the same day the adults are invited to a meeting where they partake of the goodnes of God by having the Gospel preached to them, personal felowship and asistence with their everyday needs.

Because most of the adults in the camp do not work a official job they do not have medical insurance therefor many times they turn to us for help with the purchase of medicines. Along with the help we also give them advice and guidence about finding a job and offer weekly counceling about integrating into a regular workplace and keeping a job.

In 2021 a new waste reclaiming facility was opened near the camp and the old dump was closed, so manny people lost their source of income, as they are not freely alowed to go and pick reuseble materials at the new facility. That “encouraged” some to find jobs in the city. And as they do that we noticed that their lifes improve materially, and that it is visible starting with their living situations .