We are there for you

Yielded Vessels Ministries was present, thru his Romanian, Family Aid Foundation branch, from the beginning of the war in Ukraine with his representatives bringing the Word of God, food, clothing and medical supplies for those in need

Looking good

On our numerous trips to Ukraine , to the ex combat zones as well as to the areas not touched by the war we had the opportunity to notice the state of the land as well as the state of people in those areas, and many times we were pleasantly surprised to see that the reality on the ground was not as dark as presented in the western media. Our presentation is not to be misunderstood, we don’t want to minimize the situation, the country is under a great amount of stress and fear, many people are in need of basic supplies. The battle that those people have in their souls only they can understand , we can only try to imagine , but probably will never come close to that feeling. In the east part of the country where the front line is the people are under continuous fear of loosing their life. In the rest of the country , for those who stayed behind life tries to go back to normal, people are taking their old jobs back, some of those who fled the country are returning home and taking their old position in the life of the country, farmers are working the land, some taking chances with landmines and unexploded shells still laying around, but people are wanting to go on.

Visiting only family who stayed behind in Ternovi Pody, Feb 2023

Praying with Lady on the outskirts of Novoselivka (former front line) sept 2022

Many organizations from within the country and from outside the country are visiting those affected by the war and bring them supplies to help them with their everyday life. Mostly these visits and humanitarian actions are done in a unorganized fashion, sadly after over a year in this war there is no centralized helping procedures in place, so some areas receive from many organizations and some receive from one or none. We have found items, that the local administration was asking for as urgent need , still in the storage 10 days after we delivered it to them and some items three months after we delivered and they were still asking for more, of course we realize that in the uncertain situation of the war they never know what will happen, so most of them keep asking. I say most because we have encountered leadership of communities that were greatly affected by the war , but they said , we have enough, take it somewhere else

Delivering food and electric generator to family outside Cernivtsy Dec 2023

Manny people fled their homes in the beginning of the war, some had their life immediately threatened , some fled because of the news of war, but all need healing in their souls ,and encouragement to go back to their country and family and help rebuild the nation.

Delivering food west of Herson

One of the things that we have to realize, and the media will not report this, or at least I did not see this in the news , is that most of the part of the country is going on as before the war, when you her that Odessa was shelled or Nicolaev was shelled or Lviv was shelled that does not automatically mean that the city was shelled, that most of the time means that the county was shelled. The images that we are showed again and again are representing a minimal reality of the whole picture of the situation. Remember these days , sadly, if is not a bad news it does not make the news.

Food and gifts Dec 2023 Cernivtsy

We were personally in situations in Ukraine, and when those situations were reported in the news in western Europe did not sound at all like the reality, they were greatly dramatized and magnified . Why do people lie? For a benefit ! Most of the time for personal benefit. Humanitarian organizations going to Ukraine , and do not bring back a “good” story will have a hard time rising help , material or financial for their further trips. Of course everybody does this to help the people in Ukraine 🙂 BUT do they really ??

Food and Diesel May 2022 Cernivtsy

In the “easier” to live parts of the country people have a hard time identifying with those in real need, for example , the president of the country demands international help, yet when we showed up wit help at border the “gate keepers” treated us almost as criminals, they had no international communication skills and they demanded of us to learn their language. At another occasion on the way out of the country when we ha no cargo, we were kept 40 minutes for a stamp on our passport, but the person behind us in line , who had a full car ,and who introduced 200 Grivne in his paper bundle, received his stamp in 10 min.

Seeding summer wheat in ex war zone west of Herson

In the image above we see hope, people are hoping to have a harvest and hoping to harvest it as well. The seed is not affected by the Russian or Ukrainian, yes Ukrainian too, propaganda, the seed will obey the law that was placed inside it by his creator and do what it was meant to do: bring forth a harvest. Our encouragement to you is to do the same, do good because God is good, not because of the – most of the time- fake news that the society is feeding you. And remember , there are people in need all over the world, some right next to you. Hear God and act led by His Holly spirit not by the spirit of this world.

Flower stand in Nicolaev, Feb. 2023